Threats to Patient Access


Many things threaten your access to patients. A threat left unaddressed is a threat, but a threat addressed is an opportunity.

Obstacles to Access

Several obstacles threaten independent optometry’s access to patients. How will these threats impact your practice if they’re left unaddressed?

  • Rapidly changing needs of consumers—your patients—are you positioned to keep up with consumer demands?
  • Huge increases in online eyewear sales. How can you take advantage of this expanding channel?
  • Clients who need to cut costs and deliver choice to their employees. What happens if VSP can’t compete and these companies switch to other plans?
  • Looming federal healthcare reform that doesn’t include stand-alone vision plans, like VSP. How will this impact your appointment book?

What is VSP Doing?

VSP is committed to facing all these obstacles head on to ensure our continued support of independent optometry and our ability to deliver patients to you.

Today, we are proactively developing innovative programs to help transform how our industry does business – and ensure that independent optometrists continue to thrive.

Protect Patient Access

Join us in protecting patient access. Come to a Proof event.